In light of the recent rollback of federal privacy rules for internet service providers, we feel it is important to reassure our customers about Full Channel’s commitment to your privacy. Full Channel does not have any intentions to capture and sell our customers’ web browsing history or online habits, regardless of these changes to regulations.

Several years ago, Full Channel developed the Open Internet Disclosure to demonstrate to our customers a commitment to delivering an open, technologically advanced network.  Over these past few years, regulations regarding traffic management, network neutrality and privacy have changed numerous times in a variety of political and regulatory environments.  Even at times when compliance with the policies outlined were not required by law, Full Channel has always maintained the strictest standards detailed in the Open Internet Disclosure and our Privacy Policy.

While the FCC attempted to reign in consumer privacy threats, in reality the Commission’s privacy regulations did nothing to address the disclosure of personal data by the very entities most active in the gathering of this information such as Facebook, Google and other online advertising companies that were never subject to these FCC rules.

You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with Full Channel’s policies by reading the information at the links above. In early April, all Full Channel customers will also receive a paper copy of Full Channel’s Privacy Policy in the mail.

We sent out a news release on this issue on April 3. That release can be found here. Please contact us if you have any questions about this or any other service related issue and thank you for being part of the Full Channel Family!